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  Going with the natural flow of life with Alpha Chi Feng Shui

Alpha Chi Feng Shui is based on the ancient knowledge of the natural laws of earth and their implications on people.

On this site you will learn how this method can be used to energise living spaces and what effect this will have. Clouds and Wind

The life energy called "CHI"

The CHI corresponds to the flow of life, into which all living beings are included and which supports and carries us.

As Alpha Chi Feng Shui teaches, this life energy flows through everything that surrounds us and is present in nature as well as in our living and working rooms.

Quantity and quality of the CHI surrounding us has a decisive effect on how much we enjoy life, how much strength we feel and how well we are.

When the flow of CHI is blocked or hindered by negative structures, this has an influence on our body and emotions: our sleep is impaired and we feel tired, unwell and burned out.

If the condition of blocked energy lasts for a prolonged period of time, this affects all aspects of our life.

We are more prone to diseases, our family life suffers from discord, and in spite of great efforts we are unable to make our plans and projects work and to develope our lives.

Traditional Feng Shui Teaching Text

Alpha Chi Feng Shui Treatment

As a trained Alpha Chi Feng Shui Practitioner I have developed a fine perception for energetic structures and have learned to work with energy.

During an Alpha Chi Feng Shui session the energy system (the house, flat, garden…) in its entirety is analyzed.
I identify the aspects that have a negative or blocking influence on the system and subsequently work to dissolve these barriers.

The positive and supporting aspects of life are now free to take up more space.
Generally it can be said that the flow of CHI is adapted perfectly to the people living in the rooms.
Also the qualities of the charkas will be balanced to make each room provide the energy that corresponds to its use.

Instant Benefits from New Energy

A newly harmonized flow of energy makes itself felt immediately.
The people using and living in these rooms often feel as if a weight is taken off them.

They are able to relax and gather new strength in their environement, where joy becomes again an integral part of their lives.

A well balanced and sound energy system carries and supports the whole family during daily life.

For further information about the results of Energy Balancing and the cost of treatments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will be pleased to give you more information in a personal talk.


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