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The Path Into Light

Agni Eickermann is the founder of our approach to working with inner light. He developed "The Path Into Light", a groundbreaking seminar that will touch you deeply and enable you to connect with your own true potential.

You will feel, see and experience your own Light and will be amazed by the healing and stimulating effect it has on you and your life.

You will understand that Light is not an idea or a concept but the reality of yourself. You will free yourself of a lot of emotional clutter and ballast and feel tremendously relieved and revitalised. You will find answers to many personal questions within yourself, and at the end of the seminar you will get a refreshed outlook on your own life's purpose. "The Path Into Light" gives you the opportunity to illuminate your path to complete harmony with yourself and I will be happy to accompany you on your own personal path into Light.

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