Alpha Chi Feng Shui Training Centre in Melbourne

Alpha Chi Feng Shui Consultancy (ACC) Training


alpha chi feng shui training melbourneAfter reading about the Feng Shui work, you may ask yourself  how I perform my work. Well, it’s close to impossible to explain energy work in general, and even more so this particular energy work. The Path into Light may have given you a taste of the profoundness of this particular work, if you’re unsure of what this is you can view the video here. So, if you really want to know, from here on you can learn it yourself.

The ACC training at Xantor Energy Empowers takes place over about 6 months. The in-class training is 3 times 5 days, (15 days in total), with a lot of homework to do. The start, the core and the heart of this training is the initiation of the 8th Chakra. This Chakra is still not a natural part of our energy system in our current time, hence if you want to work with it, it has to be initiated. The 8th Chakra is – in the first place – a new level of perception. We call it the level of the divine law.

After you have been initiated, the only thing you need to learn is to tune into it and translate what you perceive into words. And then bring it into action. In the second place, the 8th Chakra is a level of action in your own truth. Your own truth means, that you learn to trust your heart feelings more and more. Another way of putting it: it is the path of love. That means you cannot deny your inner truth any more. You just know what is right for you and you are able to see what is right for other people. This knowing will lead to a big transformation in your life. Old patterns will fall away, people who live their lives untruthfully will distance themselves from you, your social environment will become less crowded – the path to your inner self, to your heart, will open up like a gate.

Everything I am mentioning above is your inner development that starts with the initiation of the 8th Chakra and will be intensified during the ACC training.

The other side, the tangible benefit of the ACC training, is that you will become a fully qualified Feng Shui Practitioner. As such you can build a business and make a living by helping people to free themselves from restricting patterns and live life more freely and independently.

And yes, I am the trainer for this amazing work. And I am grateful for each and every one who dares to go down this path.

We are happiness We are love We are light