Durga Gotra – Ancestral Constellation

Ancestral Constellation melbourne

For many years – starting in Germany in the 1980s and since then spreading all over the globe – people have experienced deep healing in their family structures. The way family constellation works is, basically, bringing all your family members energetically into a room without them physically having to be there.

Participants – people who don’t know you and your family members – step into the energy of a family member, and by doing so, express their feelings, joy and love, pain and resentments. Because there are no personal involvements, participants can express everything in full honesty and therefore pain and disorder can be healed on the spot.

This sounds strange to people with no or little knowledge about energetic coherences. Because participation is a full felt experience, even skeptics admit that there must be something to it.

Furthermore, after completion of a family constellation work, family structures subtly and visibly start to heal. People find new and healthier access to their family members, become more joyful and relaxed in life.

Durga Gotra is based on the principle of Family Constellation, taking a new approach.

It looks at and works with the ancestral line, 7 generations in total. It is the female line for women and male line for men.

In Australia where most people have a migrational background, at some point this ancestral line has been broken. Then again, having done a lot of this work in Europe where people have suffered as a result of wars and what came from them, peoples’ ancestral lines have been impacted in many ways over there as well.

Durga Gotra is performed in a group setting and you are in the centre of it. During the session at Xantor Energy Empowers, six people will pick up your ancestors’ energy and assist in the transformation of energy that you inherited from your ancestors. The knowledge, strength and wisdom of your previous generations are accessed and will be allowed to flow into your own life.

Healing the ancestral line and – the ultimate goal of this work – having your 6 ancestors supporting you, you, will give you a complete new standing in life. You will be more powerful, have more self esteem and ultimately be happier and more successful in life.

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