Feng Shui in Houston


feng shui HoustonYou cannot buy happiness – but you can open the door and invite it in

Do you know this feeling? You walk into a place, and you instantly have a feeling of warm welcome. Or, you walk into a place and eventually feel cold, unsettled, get tired, cannot concentrate. Or, after being at a place for a while, you feel drained and edgy and don’t know why.

Well, this is you picking up and reacting to the energy of this place.

Although people talk about energy a lot, its definition is vague.  I, Xantor, as a practitioner for Feng Shui, have a clear definition for what good energy is like: If the Houston house you’re living in is a place for rejuvenation, calmness, happiness and clear decision making, the energy is in a very good state. Same for a work place. If you feel good at work, have a supportive team and you and your team are successful, the energy there is right.

If any of the above is lacking, it means there is room for improvement.

feng shui consultant HoustonIf our life is not great, you are not rewarding yourself with what you deserve

That is what Alpha Chi Feng Shui does… Or better, what I do for you as a Feng Shui Practitioner.

Quite often people in Houston approach me because they are down, drained or even depressed or ill. I can help them to improve the energy of their place, and in one-on-one healing sessions bring their energy back into balance so that their self-healing power can kick in.

But it is a long way from there. Wouldn’t it be better, if these people had approached me earlier?

Like when they had this lingering feeling, that something was not quite right, but they couldn’t put their finger on it? Or even earlier than that, when their life was going alright. Perhaps everything seemed to be going as it should, but when they had a quiet moment, felt into themselves and realized that happiness was the one thing that was lacking?

I believe everyone agrees on this. But most people are even not aware of these differences. They take unhappiness as the usual state in life and project it into the future.

Now, let’s make one thing clear. Everyone is responsible for their own happiness. No-one can bring it into someone else’s life. Feng Shui – when I write this, I mean having created a clean, clear defined energy in your place – cannot bring happiness into your life. But it sets the stage.

Feng Shui is like preparing your garden bed for spring. When it is in the right place with enough sunlight, it has enough shade for the hot summer sun, the soil is right and the weeds are out, you can put the seeds in the ground. And wait for Mother Nature to do the rest.

Once the energy in your place is right, the only thing you need to do is, stay awake, follow the flow of what life has to offer to you, and capture the opportunities that come your way. There will still be challenges in your life, don’t worry. Up to now you will have seen them as problems, much too hard to deal with.

You will now be able to deal with them in a much quicker and easier way. Up to a point where you will see challenges as what they really are: an opportunity to learn, to grow and make your life a broad and rich experience that is worth the effort.

Life is for living and living is free

If you dare ask yourself and answer with full honesty, (no-one is listening at this stage), how would you classify yourself:

  • STAGE 1: Fully happy, with everything you ever dreamed of either in your life, or at least working towards it.
  • STAGE 2: Life is ok, but you can’t have everything you want.
  • STAGE 3: I wish I would do better, but I have to fulfill my obligations. I have to get through this and one day all will be good.
  • STAGE 4: I have no idea what to do from here. I am without hope. I am waiting for a miracle to save me.

I am writing all this to wake you up. To ask you to pause and feel inside yourself. Unless you are a stage 1 person I have something to offer to you that will improve your life big time. It’s up to you to give yourself a chance.

Dream the improbable so that you can achieve the impossible.

Since you have come this far, what can you do from here?

My suggestion is to contact me. Pick up your phone, call me, talk to me, feel if you believe I am the right person to give you the support you need. If that is the case, get ready for the journey.

There is nothing good – except for you to do it.