Meditation Classes in Melbourne

People who meditate twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes each are in better health than people in similar life circumstances, who do not meditate.

Regular meditation is the foundation and the core of all spiritual development.

Getting a start in it is the most difficult thing. Having the discipline to continuously do it is the second most difficult thing.

My wife Shakandra and I run regular meditation classes to help you start your meditation practices and keep them going. Each time you attend a meditation session at Xantor Energy Empowers, you will feel more empowered and encouraged to look after yourself, instead of allowing life to take over. Also, meditating in a group is easier and more powerful than just by yourself.

Come and join us in our Wednesday night sessions and feel what a difference it makes to your life or contact us to learn more.

We also offer feng shui, energy healing and earth healing sessions.

meditation classes in melbourne