My Story

I was born in 1962 in Germany. I grew up on a farm, surrounded by animals, plants, my parents, four siblings and open cut coal mining. As a child I spoke to animals, I saw something in them and the plants in the fields that was more than just farming.

I could not imagine what the huge digging machines were doing was right: eating the land and everything that was in it and on it.  Eventually, I was 20 then, the village I grew up in was swallowed by them like many others before. As a consequence we had to re-locate our farm.

For years afterwards I mourned the loss. In my 20s and 30s I saw life through the eyes of a grown-up. There was, however, this thing inside of me that did not let me rest and put the place of my childhood behind me.

When I was about 35 I met someone who claimed to be a shaman. I told him about my pain. We arranged to do a regression work to find out the cause of it.

The result of this work was that, when we left our farm to leave it to the mining company for demolishment, we also left the spirit behind that inhabited our place. Although the farm was gone, and even the land where it had been standing had been removed, leaving a huge hole, this spirit was still present, unable to leave.

This experience and the release of the spirit resulted in the healing of my trauma. And it re-ignited in me the curiosity about what was beyond the visible world. It was the start of my journey to re-connect to spirit. Or, let’s call it God.

My journey ultimately led me to become an Alpha Chi Feng Shui Consultant and Spiritual Teacher. It also brought me to Australia.

These days I can see that many people have a yearning inside that I know so well myself. It’s the yearning to look beyond the horizon – and reach for it.

My work is to help you to get out of your box, reach for the stars and find the true essence inside yourself.

This is what I call spiritual healing.

With love and devotion to you, the divine: Xantor – Energy Empower