The Path into Light

The main questions people ask when I tell them about me is:

  • What is this work called?
  • Where did you learn it?
  • Can I learn this as well?

Well, it all starts here. The Path into Light is the basis of my work here at Xantor Energy Empowers. It is a 4 day training where people – with or without prior knowledge – learn to perceive energy and work with it.

At the end of this training you will see the world through different eyes.

As an example, a tree for you will still be a tree. It has a trunk, branches, green leaves. You will now also see it is a living being with consciousness, a part of God’s creation and as such, as God itself.

Another example: the space between you and me is filled with air. That’s right. And it is also filled with something that we call energy. Another word for energy is consciousness and as such it interacts with us. Or, one more: you as a human being are the creator of your own reality. You are the one, either interacting with the tree or not. You can pick up the energy that fills the space between you and me – and are able to interact through and with it. Ultimately you are able to work with energy and re-shape it to the betterment of all.

The Path into Light is a profound training that gives you deep insights into the world of spirit. It will enable you to interact with them (spirits? Or spirit?) in a deep and meaningful way. It brings back to you what you already knew as a child. Back then you were either discouraged from pursuing this reality, or even forced to leave it behind.

The Path into Light guides you back to your spiritual roots.

We also offer a range of other services including: feng shui, energy healing, earth healing & meditation classes.